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October ministry update

I (Rebecca) have to honestly admit that this is excerpted from an email to our DEAR prayer partners at Faith Bible Church in Citrus Heights, CA. They keep me on my toes and are so gracious in coming alongside us during these extremely busy times!

  • I just completed my most grueling school term yet in this nurse midwife program. Praise though for good grades!
  • I also just flew to CA and am going to start a short term contract at the new Sutter Women & Children's hospital, for one last skills refresher. It is also my last term of book studies before starting my clinicals.
  • Pray for Ted & Syndie in Haiti as I'm away...and for us all in missing each other terribly!
  • Pray for our oldest, Tania, as she is due to deliver her first baby  in the next few weeks. That I will get down there in time to help with the delivery and just for a safe, beautiful, sacred start to their new life as a family.
  • Pray for my three big kids here who are all trying to figure out next steps as they work and pursue more education. We need to move them to new housing while I am here as well. So pray for grace & strength!
  • Continue in fervent prayer with us over the life and adoption of the 6yo little boy in Syndie's old orphanage, Kervensley. We have been trying to get help from social services in gaining custody and his removal. His relatives were trying very hard to remove him and place him with us, but the orphanage director refused to release him. (this is illegal) Social services agreed to help them, but then the director came into town & they all disappeared and cut off communication. We suspect they were either paid off or threatened by her. IN the meantime, his MD says that his bloodwork shows continual deterioration, which means they are not following his treatment plan. This is by far the very HEAVIEST thing on our hearts and we have to lay it at the Lord's feet each day!
  • The coming year is a daunting one...between ministry, work, school, parenting kids in multiple countries and all of the complexities that come along with that. Pray for wisdom, guidance, peace and joy in the midst of the stress and chaos. 
  • Pray over the many life changing programs that Ted is helping oversee with Operation Blessing. Just when we feel progress is being made, we see huge disparities arise that humble us, sometimes discourage us, and keep us pressing onward. Just today they saved the life a pregnant mom & her baby in one of the outlying villages. She had extremely high blood pressure, a breech pregnancy, and some sort of cyst or abscess - they were able to stabilize her, transport her to a hospital and provide her care. The woman didn't have the prenatal care needed to identify these issues early or seek care now, bc she didn't have funds for either transportation OR a hospital stay. (probably no more than $200, but completely unreachable for her family) She and the baby likely would have died without this help. It is the Lord's work for sure - as He always seems to bring these type of situations to light just in time to prevent tragedy. 
  • Guidance for a new OB program that will train Haitian mechanics and provide GOOD, affordable auto repair for local missionaries throughout the country. God has been throwing open doors and developing this MUCH needed resource quite quickly.
  • Praise - our adoption process is finally in full swing & we have been told that it may go quicker than expected due to our residency in Haiti allowing for a different process. PRAY that Kervensley will be included!!

Thank you all for allowing us to pour open our hearts and receive the blessing of your prayers and partnership!

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