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  • Ana working in Germany
  • Twins' homeschooling
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December 2015 - Praise & Prayer

So sorry that I haven't been on top of our prayer requests the last few months.

I guess that might tell you what to pray about - stress!

I (Rebecca), am in the last term of studies for my midwifery program before clinicals begin. I have also just helped our oldest give birth in Texas, traveled to Maryland for a required birth center seminar, helped Tynan and Emma move to new housing in CA and worked a travel contract at Sutter to refresh my skills and cover the extra upcoming expenses of my clinicals and our adoption.

The end of the term is drawing close and I feel like I'm still drinking information in from a firehose! Pray for my stamina for a strong finish and for refreshment as I travel back home to Haiti for the holidays.

...for the happy healthy delivery of our second grandchild - a baby girl, Alina in October.


...for Gods great faithfulness and grace during this extra busy, extra stressful time in life and ministry.

...that the rural birth center that both Ted and I helped worked on developing with Midwives for Haiti opened officially on Nov 22nd in the remote area of Cabestor.


...for continued strength, guidance, wisdom and encouragement as we enter the beginning of our 5th year in Haiti and with so much amazing work going on both there and in the U.S. this coming year.

...clear direction on the many projects in the works.

...provision of a leader for our computer programming training program, still ready and waiting to get up and going in Haiti.

...STILL for us to gain custody of K soon.

...for a smooth and quick processing of the rest of our adoption paperwork.

...PEACE in Haiti and safety, surrounding the coming final presidential elections. (Dec 27)

We hope you all have a blessed Celebration of Christ's birth and a joyful start to the New Year. 
We are eternally grateful for your love and faithfulness in prayer on our behalf!

Rebecca...for all of the Barlows


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