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In Prayer, For...
  • the orphans in Haiti
    a smooth moving process
    calm during the transition
  • our kids -
  • Tynan & Tania in college
  • Ana working in Germany
  • Twins' homeschooling
  • the future "additions"
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January 2017 update

Our new non-profit, NouKod Foundation was approved as a 501c3 tax deductible organization on Dec 30th! 
- We are in the depths of the weight of transition to new ministry and roles - pray for our courage and strength.
- We are working tirelessly at this stage of a "tent-making" ministry model, to get the new Haitian IT outsourcing business functioning without profit-seeking investors, it is taking longer than we hoped and requiring Rebecca to continue working a few weeks at a time in CA. 
- Pray for her refreshment as she travels back and forth and works in both countries to her maximum capacity and for Ted as he works under challenging circumstances in Haiti at the moment. 
- Pray for our first "intern" - he is a young German man, named Kenneth, who is in Haiti presently. He is interested in helping with the company devlopment and in serving to create jobs in Haiti. 
- Rebecca's neice (well cousin actually, but she calls us aunt & uncle) who is also named Becca, has been on several trips to Haiti with missionaries from her home town in Rhode Island. She was with us in Haiti this month and is feeling God calling her to be there more full-time. She is prayerfully planning to return in a month to help with Syndie's homeschooling and however else she might minister. 
- Pray for Tynan as he continues his programming studies and works toward being able to help with the future training and projects that will be starting up this spring. 
- Emma is doing well and helping hold down the fort in northern CA for now. She has a couple of jobs and is taking her first college course this spring! Pray as she seeks God's direction in her studies and future. 
- Rebecca and her midwifery partner Brooke finally were able to meet up in Haiti and spend some time planning and their ministry calling has taken them in an unexpected direction. They are now working on a partnership with Global Birthing Home Foundation to open the first birth home in all of Haiti specifically to serve missionary and expatriate women. The need for this non-existent ministry came when Rebecca returned to Haiti in December weeks after graduation, to multiple pregnant women looking for maternity and delivery care in-country. Proceeds will also be used to provide maternity care for Haitian women in need.
- Rebecca will be delivering her FIRST baby as a CNM in Haiti next month for a sweet Mennonite family. Pray for this MAMA, who is due soon. They will be traveling up to Port Au Prince from the provinces this week. Pray for a safe and blessed arrival of their new baby and for Rebecca as she attends their birth. This family has been instrumental in bringing this unmet need to light.
- Rebecca will also be taking a part time faculty teaching position on Friday & Saturdays starting in March, down at a brand new Haitian nurse midwifery program in Leogane, Haiti at a school called FSIL
- Ted has multiple projects going on as well. He is overseeing the 5 young people that are currently working on entry level IT services. He also is training another group to provide services to NGOs through a CommCare service line and preparing for a boot camp this spring to get some programmers working soon. 
We are resting in God's goodness and strength at the end of each weary day and looking forward seeing all that He will bring about here in Haiti. 
Ted & Rebecca



March 2014 ministry update


  • A sense of peace in the midst of turmoil.
  • Tynan & Emma are doing well so far in California.
  • A fun visit from TX friends this month in Haiti.
  • Ministry team flooded our email box with encouragement & prayers.
  • Settling in well to our new house.
  • God's grace & provision of countless future options to consider.
  • One step closer to guardianship of two kids in dire need.


  • Guidance & clear discernment over next steps in ministry here.
  • Keep our eyes on Him alone & nothing on our own agenda.
  • Sleep, even when we have so much on our minds!
  • Tynan & Emma to have enough work to cover their expenses in CA.
  • each of us to seek God's presence in every aspect of life.
  • Olivia as she continues to work through her recovery program.
  • Potential ministry partnerships, vision, opportunities, plans.
  • We are researching a new Haitian business & training project.
  • Following up on a new possibility to partner on a birthing center.
  • God’s divine intervention for the two kids with medical needs.
  • Clear plan/provision for developing a 501c3 or non-profit partnership.
  • PATIENCE as we wait on God for so many details to come together! 


  • Financial Resources (monthly or one time gifts):

We are at unknown monthly funding commitment at present! 

All of our support through Apparent Project comes to an end after March 31st, 2014. We are not quite sure yet where future funding will be received (working on it!)

We are also planning to start up a new 501c3, but as you know that carries an added expense as well. If you would like us to use your gift towards this, please shoot us a quick message to let us know!

If you would like to donate for future months or one-time gifts this month that would be greatly appreciated & will keep us BOTH on the field as we endeavor to switch gears midstream. Please make sure that they are received no later than 3/31/2014 in order for us to receive them.

Any one-time or monthly resources received above our personal budget needs will be applied toward specific items on our lists below or ministry projects!

  • Household Items: 

Tires for our vehicle (4)

Solar Panels (6)

Small Chest Freezer PROVIDED!

Small Portable Air Conditioner PROVIDED!

Portable Shade Cover

Roof top garden supplies

  • Medical supplies:

Fetal heart Doppler

Portable Ultrasound

Maternity meds (pitocin, cytotec, prenatal vitamins)

  • Volunteers:


Solar installation

Rooftop garden & patio

Encouragement & Enrichment

Business Professionals (tourism, accounting, non-profit, retail, restaurant)

IT Professionals (programming, web design)

Media Professionals (graphic design, branding, PR)

Medical Professionals:


Social Workers

Child Development Specialist

Project fundraisers

Grant Writer(s)

& /or ANY of these talents:


Maternal/Infant products






Doula Training

Newborn Care

First Aid

CPR training