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In Prayer, For...
  • the orphans in Haiti
    a smooth moving process
    calm during the transition
  • our kids -
  • Tynan & Tania in college
  • Ana working in Germany
  • Twins' homeschooling
  • the future "additions"
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The 2nd most frequently asked question since announcing our move has been…

“So, HOW MUCH do you need to raise, to live in Haiti?”

Right behind it usually comes…

“How are you going to do it?” 

While the FIRST question asked the most is…

“When are you planning to go?”

  We hope this answers them all!

First of all, we are needed in Haiti as soon as we can get there, probably even earlier than that, but it’s equally important to go prepared. There will be more than enough stress moving, learning a new language & living in a “4th world” country… without worrying about our funds. Bringing those two elements together helped us in developing our approach:

100%  in 100 days!

We are embarking on a campaign to try and raise 100% of our monthly support AND (at least) 100 prayer partners in 100 days.  That means that if we raise 1% each and every day between now and the 20th of December, we are done!  There are probably more than 100 ways to do this, but here are just a few…

1000 commitments of $3.50/month (avg: 10 per day)

100 commitments of $35/month (avg: 1 per day)

10 commitments of $350/month (avg: 1 every 10 days)

More important than any financial support though is our need for prayer. Haiti is an amazing, but challenging place. As we endeavor to come alongside the burdened there, we will need your spiritual & emotional support as well. It is our desire to have a base of at least 100 individuals committed to pray for us, our ministry & the people of Haiti on a regular basis.

DETAILS: while things are constantly changing in Haiti, this is what we estimate that we will need:

$3,500/monthly support needed

Includes: next year’s rent, food/water, travel, transportation, health insurance, taxes, a small emergency fund and miscellaneous household expenses.

 $30,000/moving expenses

Includes: 3 week cross-cultural transition training @ MTI in Colorado, 1 year lease (required up front in Haiti), a reliable vehicle, a generator and travel costs. 

While we are fundraising, Rebecca will continue to work and provide for our current needs. Ted will be involved with managing the Guest House from a distance.  So, the great news is that every dollar given in monthly support up until our departure, will go directly into the "moving expense/setup" fund! Watch the thermometers on the right for progress towards our goals ->

Why 100 days? In addition to being needed on the field in a timely manner, we are impressed by the fact that others are willing to share their resources with us! Our desire is to be good stewards with that and to put it all into direct ministry in Haiti, rather than towards a lengthy period of “supporting” us while we are raising more support.


September 10th – December 20th   a 100 day campaign*

*(Watch for dates on upcoming local fundraising events for our moving expense fund.)


- Schedule time to meet with us so we can personally share about Haiti & our ministry with you  

- Pray and consider how best you can help

- Attend or help out with local fundraising events to support our ministry

- Go online to World Orphans & donate or sign up to support us monthly**

- Donate airline miles on American (only carrier) to help defray our travel costs to Haiti.

**(all funds are to be donated directly to World Orphans for tax purposes & designated "for the ministry of Ted & Rebecca Barlow".)



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